On June 26, a team of insect genomics researchers led by Professor Yoshihiro Higashi of Kyushu University and others announced that they had successfully used silkworms to create a novel Coronavirus vaccine candidate protein.
In the future, mice will be tested and clinical trials will be carried out in cooperation with pharmaceutical companies and others.

The team is working to develop vaccines and medicines for infectious diseases using high-quality proteins from silkworms, Kyodo News reported Wednesday.
Kyushu Began studying silkworms about 100 years ago and currently raises about 450 species.
The lower part of the day and others spent 7 years to screen dozens of silkworms that can be used for medical drugs.
Given the expansion of the epidemic, nishiki’s team teamed up with KAICO, an innovative Kyushu University enterprise, to develop a novel Coronavirus vaccine.

According to reports, the team will encode the novel Coronavirus gene information that has been disclosed into insects and other “baculoviruses” that can be infected but cannot be infected by humans, and then inject the “antigen” into the body of silkworm with a syringe to generate the protein from the body fluids of silkworm, which is planned to be used as vaccine raw materials.

Silkworm breeding does not require large-scale facilities and can be kept low-cost because the feed is only mulberry leaves, the report said.
However, medical products made from silkworms have been used on livestock before, but they have never been used on humans, leaving the issue of clinical trials to be pursued.

If the vaccine goes ahead, KAICO plans to mass-produce the protein from silkworms needed for the vaccine.

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