Our understanding of asthma may be limited to shortness of breath and shortness of breath, but this is just a typical manifestation during the attack. Some time ago, we visited a patient with asthma, who usually neither coughed nor wheezed, but often had chest tightness. However, the variant asthma of chest tightness was finally detected.

What is chest frowsty variant asthma, often is chest frowsty asthma?
Got asthma, how should do?
Let me tell you a little bit about it.

Mr. Li, 38, had often felt chest tightness before, especially during the season. He also thought it might be caused by illness, because his father had heart disease, so he was suspicious, but after repeated heart examinations, no problem was found.
And then we did a lung check, and it turned out to be chest tightness variant asthma.

Chest tightness variant asthma is a special asthma condition. Unlike normal asthma, this patient does not cough, wheeze or have difficulty breathing. Chest tightness is the only symptom.

Although the symptoms are few, chest tightness variant asthma brings a lot of harm. Compared with general asthma, it is very easy to be misdiagnosed and missed diagnosis. After long-term treatment, it may not get better, but make the disease worse.

This is a kind of torture for the body of patients, but also brings them a great mental blow. Clinically, according to incomplete statistics, about 25% of patients with chest tightness variant asthma have depression.

Chest tightness is repeated attack, especially in the night performance is more obvious, people with a family history of asthma, should be highly vigilant chest tightness variant asthma, it is best to timely examination, early diagnosis and early treatment.

Genetic inheritance is a trigger for asthma, and many asthmatics have a family history of asthma or some allergic disease.

Environmental factors can also cause asthma, such as inhaling dust in the air or frequent exposure to pollen. Now many people like to keep pets and touch their fur, which can also be an asthma trigger.

Asthma can also be triggered by long-term smoking or exposure to secondhand smoke, with more moderate symptoms and possibly more episodes than non-smokers.

Asthma can also be triggered by taking certain medications, or by a viral infection such as a respiratory infection.

Although asthma is difficult to completely cure, but as long as timely detection, active treatment, can be completely controlled.
Patients should actively carry out standardized treatment, according to their own type of asthma, choose their own treatment.

If asthma is not cured for a long time, the impact on the daily life and work of patients is great, in addition to medical treatment, asthma patients also need to do a good job in daily care.

On diet, want to eat light point, the food that causes allergy easily, wait like egg, seafood, had better touch less, the food with pungent strong excitant also had better eat less, quit smoking in time temperance.

Asthma patients can exercise, but the intensity of exercise should not be too large, it is not recommended to exercise for a long time, it is recommended to take the exercise mode of intermittent rest as the criterion, to prevent asthma attacks during exercise.

Don’t stay in places with heavy environmental pollution for a long time. Wear a mask when going out.
A word of caution, there are some new coVID-19 cases, and it is still necessary to wear masks outside.

To sum up, it is neither cough nor wheeze, but chest tightness, which may also be asthma. We should not misunderstand it as other diseases all the time, and it is better to check the lung function in time.
The factors that induce asthma have been described above. To prevent asthma, it is recommended to avoid and pay attention to developing healthy living habits.

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