We can often see some diabetic nephropathy patients in normal times, it is because the symptom of a very wide range of erosion, to many different groups of physical and mental health threats.
The generation of diabetic nephropathy will give patients very serious physical and mental health hazards, so next let the Shanghai Pearl Hospital nephrology experts to tell you, how to treat diabetic nephropathy correctly and effectively.

Because of the heredity of diabetes, so everyone must alert the heredity of diabetic nephropathy as usual.
Family history of diabetes, fetal distress, obesity and hypertension should be investigated to prevent diabetic nephropathy.
For Ⅰ, Ⅱ, Ⅲ stage of diabetic nephropathy treatment can let there is a sense of its reversal.
Stage Ⅳ and Ⅴ conditions are progressive, irreversible.
Once continuous urinary protein is present, the final development trend is end-stage diabetic nephropathy.

How to treat diabetic nephropathy correctly and rationally?
The actual treatment measures are as follows:

(1) High quality low protein diet.
This way of diet and conditioning is of great significance to the rehabilitation of patients.
Under normal circumstances, the treatment of diabetic nephropathy in addition to the basic way, but also moderate dietary therapy.
In the initial stage of diabetic nephropathy just began to give high quality low protein diet, combined with edema, hypertension should limit sodium, to low-fat diet.

(2) Strictly control blood sugar.
Relevant experts found that metabolic disorder chronic high blood sugar, is the key cause of diabetes capillary disease.
It has been established that the progression of nephritis can be reasonably manipulated by continuous glucose control therapy based on insulin glargine subcutaneous injection.

(3) Manipulation of hypertension.
If the patient is high concomitant with hypertension, the reasonable rehabilitation treatment disease will produce very big obstacles, this is because hypertension will speed up the progress of the harm of diabetic renal tubules, but also continue to aggravate diabetic fundus lesions, give the patient a more serious injury.
Therefore, for the treatment of diabetic nephropathy, should be reasonable manipulation of hypertension, proteinuria to reduce the rate of renal function reduction.

The above content for everyone in detail should use what reasonable way rehabilitation treatment of diabetic nephropathy, we must pay great attention to the active effect of this treatment measures at ordinary times, for the rehabilitation of diabetic nephropathy patients show the key to ensure.

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