Insulin injection is an excellent way to control blood glucose. Exogenous insulin can stabilize blood glucose level, avoid acute or chronic complications of diabetes, and improve the quality of life. How to choose a suitable insulin treatment regimen?

How to choose the right insulin treatment?

  1. Inject long-acting insulin once a day

Long-acting insulin can work in the body for 24 hours. Once injected in the morning or evening, it can control blood sugar throughout the day and keep it in a stable state, which is suitable for mild type 2 diabetes patients with low blood sugar.

  1. Inject long-acting insulin and quick-acting insulin once a day

Injecting long-acting insulin every night before going to bed can control the basal blood sugar throughout the day.
Quick acting insulin is injected before three meals a day to control blood glucose after three meals, which mainly simulates physiological insulin secretion.
One unit of long-acting insulin should be increased for every 1.4 mmol of fasting glucose in patients, which is suitable for all types of diabetes.

  1. Inject intermediate insulin and hypoglycemic drugs once a day

General body fat diabetics, insulin injection will make weight gain.
As long as the blood sugar of patients with type 2 diabetes is not very high, oral hypoglycemic drugs can be taken three times during the day.
Before sleeping, need to inject medium effect insulin, can avoid fasting hyperglycemia.

  1. Premixed insulin should be injected twice a day

Premixed insulin is human insulin, which is a mixture of short-acting and medium-acting insulin in a certain proportion. It is very convenient to use and has good absorbability and strong effect. Only injected twice a day, premixed insulin is easily accepted by patients, and it is suitable for most patients with postprandial and fasting blood glucose increase.
However, some diabetic patients can’t get effective control of blood glucose after lunch. When they encounter this problem, they need to take oral hypoglycemic drugs once at noon.

  1. Quick acting insulin and premixed insulin are injected twice a day

Quick acting insulin should be injected before breakfast and lunch, and premixed insulin should be injected before supper.
People who take premixed insulin twice a day but still have uncontrolled blood sugar can use this regimen.
Can minimize the amount of insulin, while improving its efficacy, to avoid hypoglycemia.

  1. Give quick action insulin three times a day

Quick insulin injections three times a day are recommended for people with high blood sugar, co-infection or first insulin use, and for people with type 2 diabetes who need surgery.
This treatment regimen has great advantages. It can adjust insulin dosage according to pre-meal blood glucose level and food intake, which is easy to grasp and has good hypoglycemic effect, avoiding hypoglycemia.
But there are also certain disadvantages, not easy to control the night and morning high blood sugar.

  1. Give quick insulin three times a day and medium insulin before going to bed

Patients with irregular three meals a day, excessive exercise intensity and poor blood glucose control in the morning need to inject quick acting insulin three times a day and inject medium acting insulin again before sleeping, so as to control blood glucose at night and after meals.

Warm prompt

Insulin should be flexibly used according to the results of blood glucose monitoring. For patients with type 1 diabetes and type 2 diabetes who use insulin for the first time and their condition is serious, short-acting insulin should be injected four times a day.
Patients with type 1 diabetes who develop ketoacidosis but cannot be hospitalized need to inject short-acting insulin or quick-acting insulin 6 times a day.

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