Buy Ansomone HGH 100IU

Buy Ansomone HGH 100IU




Ansomone is a brand name for a human growth hormone manufacturing company established in 1993.
It is developed using the E-coli technology. The Ansomone human growth hormone is designed to be biologically identical to the naturally produced somatotropin. Ansomone has been designed to help speed up the healing process of surgery. Additionally, it helps heal burned wounds. It is a common belief that Ansomone helps in regaining lost youth. In other words, it slows down aging. The concept originates from the fact that the naturally produced human growth hormone, somatotropin, reduces as human beings age.

Some of the benefits outlined of using Ansomone are higher energy, increased muscle weight as a result of more intense bodybuilding activity, and increased brain function. Chances are, persons purchasing this product want to improve their sexual libido, bone density, and immune function. Unfortunately, even with their sporting benefits, sports associations ban the use of such a product.

The Ansomone human growth hormone comes in two separate vials. One of the vials contains lyophilic powder while the other contains sterilized water. For use, one is supposed to reconstitute the HGH by mixing the two in one vial. The mixture is then swirled gently in a rotary motion and not by shaking thoroughly. The recommended dosage for children is different from that of adults. Additionally, a doctor can custom recommend the dosage. The resulting reconstitution is to be injected in the body for a prescribed period for a particular person.

As much as Ansomone has benefits, specific adverse reactions are associated with this human growth hormone. One common side effect of Ansomone is transient hyperglycemia. Additionally, there are pains around the injection area during the short term. There is also a chance of peripheral edema and slight pains. Most of these side effects occur during the short term and are absent in the long run. Again, while using Ansomone, there is a chance of increased antibody production against the hormone. In such cases, the results could be adverse, and so the patient may need to stop its use.

Some of the persons not allowed to use this product include but are not limited to, cancer patients diagnosed with neoplasia, persons in acute shock stage and patients diagnosed with epiphysis.
In conclusion, as much the product may have aesthetic benefits, it is essential to consider all the side effects. Most importantly, consult a doctor before the use of Ansomone.

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