Lilly Humatrope 72IU rHGH

Lilly Humatrope 72IU rHGH

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Active ingredient: Somatropin
Size: 1 pack (24mg)
Dosage: 72 IU



Humatrope is a manufactured human growth hormone. Its approval for the treatment of children with slow growth due to a low supply of human growth hormone happened in 1987. Production of Human growth hormone naturally occurs in the pituitary glands. HGH then travels into the bloodstream. The hormone stimulates the production of IGF-1 which stimulates growth. Therefore, when insufficiently produced, the results are short stature in children. Children born smaller than average and do not catch up with their age mates need an injection of Humatrope.

Humatrope is used to treat adults who have reduced levels of growth hormone. Such a case may be as a result of surgery, hypothalamic disease or pituitary disease. Adults with Noonan syndrome and chronic kidney failure are the target groups. Children with retarded growth need a Humatrope prescription.
Humatrope may have different impacts on different users. Throughout the treatment, guardians are encouraged to advise the children that the injections are a treatment. Helping the child understand the treatment keeps them motivated about the therapy.

Humatrope comes in vials or cartridges. In both cases, the lyophilized powder and sterilized water come separately. When reconstituting the Humatrope, one is required to swirl the mixture of the two gently. When the reconstitution happens in a cartridge, the artificial hormone should last up to the 28th day since its first use. The vial reconstitution can only last for 14 days since its first use.

Some of the people advised not to use Humatrope include but are not limited to, persons who have life-threating breathing problems, children with Prader-Willi and individuals with active cancer. Additionally, children who have closed growth plates are not allowed to use this product.

It is crucial that the doctor should always observe the progression of scoliosis in children during growth treatment. There have been cases where pancreatic inflammation occurs in children. It advisable that in case of abdominal pains, one should consult a doctor if using Humatrope.

Just like any other human growth hormone, there are side effects associated with Humatrope. The most common side effects include inflammation and or pain in the site of injection, allergic reactions and sugar in the urine.

The consumers of Humatrope are advised to report any adverse effects of the prescribed drugs to the Food and drug administration. In conclusion, such a product can only work well with the prescription of a doctor. Therefore, it is essential to be careful with the use of such a product.


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