Buy Serono Serostim 6mg Online For Sale In USA Canada UK EU

Buy Serono Serostim 6mg Online For Sale In USA Canada UK EU


7 vials for each box,
18IU(6mg) for each vial
total 126IU for each box



Serostim is an injectable human growth hormone. It is recombinant or made in a laboratory. It is used to treat patients who are HIV positive. It is used when the patients are wasting away due to the effects related to ART. Sometimes patients lose a lot of weight. This weakens them and the entire immune system. The drug hence restores some body weight and mass. This helps them regain their physical stamina back.

The drug is prescribed to patients who are under ant-HIV therapy such as HAART. This will help curb HIV replication in the body. It is not an HIV drug but instead, a way of restoring health to the HIV patient.


The administration is only done by professional health practitioners. The injection is done on the abdomen, thigh, buttock or upper arm. It is advisable to do rotational injections. That means that the bruised or injured parts are not injected. The dosage is 0.1mg/kg injection once daily during bedtime. It can be found from 4 mg to 6 mg vials. It is in powder form.

The dose is reconstituted with water that is sterile. The solution will, therefore, be colorless and crystal clear. It is then used immediately. The potion that is not used is thrown away. If the solution appears cloudy, it should not be used. Do not shake the solution before use.

When it should not be taken

Serostim should not be administered to a number of people. Those who have diabetes, cancer, allergies to the growth hormone and also surgery related illnesses. Nursing mothers should not take the medicine. Those planning to get pregnant should avoid Serostim.

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