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Also known by its generic name Somatropin, Zomacton is usually prescribed for human growth deficiency. It is basically a protein with a composition of 191 Amino acid residues.

The medication is used to address issues such as stunted growth in children, mostly because they do not have sufficient levels of growth hormone. Patients who are diagnosed with Turner syndrome are also good candidates for this injectable drug.

Zomacton also works for children small for their gestational age especially those who are not showing any catch-up by age 2-4 years. It increases both skeletal and cell growth for patients diagnosed as lacking sufficient amounts of GH.

It works by topping up both the protein and carbohydrate metabolism. As such, it is indicated as a long term treatment for children who are not growing properly. The prescription medicine comes in its sterile white powder form.

It is usually used as an injectable, once it is reconstituted. The drug is packaged as multi-dosage in specific vials that are meant for a single patient. It also comes with a carefully preserved diluent.

For instance, the vials are in the form of Somatropin 5mg, with a liquid diluent consisting of benzyl alcohol of 5ml. Somatropin 10mg comes with a prefilled benzyl alcohol-free 1mL syringe and adaptor diluent.

What Are the Common Side Effects of Zomacton?

Some of the side effects that have been reported are as follows:

-Upper respiratory infection

-Headaches and earaches

– Edema which includes swollen hands and ankles or feet

-Pain in the joints or muscles, and general discomfort in these areas.

– Onset of diabetes

It should be noted, though, that patients presenting serious side effects should immediately seek medical attention.

What Precautions Should Be Taken With Zomacton?

Some of the precautions are as follows:

-The medication should be taken with a lot of caution especially for patients with diabetes mellitus, or those who have a family history of the same. It is s because of the diabetogenic effects of Zomacton.

-Also, patients should undertake regular blood glucose tests to see that there is nothing out of the ordinary. Strict monitoring should also be done for such patients to see if there is evidence of glucose intolerance.

-Patients should also be checked for hypothyroidism issues once they have embarked on the treatment. The reason is Zomacton has been known to produce in an imbalance in T4, and T 3 levels, in some patients, but not all.

-The local injection area should be changed each time in order to avoid the risk of lipoatrophy.

-Zomacton should not be given to patients out of such conditions as open heart surgery, abdominal operation, or any other condition which presents trauma.

-Children under this medication should also be monitored for issues of scoliosis due to rapid growth as an effect of Zomacton.


Zomacton is mostly meant for children with growth hormone deficiencies. Dosage should be carefully given according to the doctor’s prescription, based on age weight, and severity of the illness. The medication should be kept refrigerated at specific temperatures, but not frozen. Carefully read all the storage instructions.


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