HGH active peptide-promoting system
R&D background

    At the beginning, scientists discovered that active peptides can prolong life and reverse the magical effects of aging. Therefore, active peptides are only used in beauty. Until 1990, the theory of active peptides, which explained the cause of growth, was officially proposed. For the first time, active peptides were actually used in the field of high and high growth. In 1996, after experiencing its excellent results, the experts expanded their use to more than 800 patients, all of which achieved amazing results. After the patient used for six months, the average height increased by 10CM

    In August 1996, the active peptide was finally officially approved for clinical use.

    In April 2000, the FDA approved its oral products as a special nutritional supplement that could be marketed.

    In 2001, the technology was introduced to China. On the basis of the advanced theory of life sciences in the United States, after 7 years of painstaking research, using the essence of Chinese medicine for five thousand years, combined with the Chinese people’s diet and living habits, finally developed into an active peptide that is more suitable for Chinese people’s growth in 2008. system.

Therapeutic advantage

  1. Safety: This therapy breaks the harm of traditional medicines and increased products to the human body. It has no hormone treatment. After long-term research, it has no side effects and is safe and reliable.

2, the inspection is accurate: through high-tech means, can 100% accurate to find the main reason for short stature, symptomatic treatment, do not spend money

3, the effect is significant: the treatment only takes 3-6 months, through treatment can achieve 3-20CM increase in varying degrees.

4, no surgery: the treatment is not surgery, no pain.

5, does not affect work and study: each treatment only takes about 15 minutes, do not delay work and study.

    6, no side effects: after long-term observation and experiment, the user has no discomfort and adverse reactions

Three major treatment options
Acupoint photoionization therapy:
Acupoint photoionization therapy is a set of combined treatment methods based on the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, meridianology and acupuncture on the basis of modern physics theory through continuous clinical practice. In the growth and development system, through acupoint photoionization therapy, Acupuncture points affecting the secretory activities of the anterior pituitary cells such as C. sinensis, Chengshan, Xuehai, Zusanli, Knee, etc. Acupoint stimulation, meridian intervention, ion energy transfer, and photoionization into endocrine The circulatory system accelerates the secretion of growth hormone from the pituitary gland and promotes soft tissue and bone growth. At the same time, the method can effectively increase the nutrition of the meridian operation and the body’s whole body blood, promote the body’s metabolism, and make the bone growth and development achieve twice the result with half the effort.
Nuclear magnetic wave activation therapy:
Nuclear magnetic wave activation therapy is an improved treatment method for the slow growth of cartilage caused by insufficient growth hormone secretion in clinical patients, or the natural value-added differentiation of cartilage stops due to the closure of the epiphyseal line in adulthood. This method uses a nuclear magnetic wavemeter to perform low frequency on bone growth joints. NMR treatment, combined with hyperthermia stimulation of the renal and renal renal and lymphatic system, thereby activating articular cartilage tissue, allowing the cartilage to re-differentiate and increase the capacity of bone cells, effectively accelerate bone cell differentiation, help bone growth, and achieve longevity. It has the advantages of high efficiency, safety, painlessness and no side effects.
Chinese medicine comprehensive conditioning treatment:
The comprehensive conditioning zomacton treatment of traditional Chinese medicine is based on the principle of TCM, which is the main structure of the endocrine circulatory system needed to improve bone growth and development, based on the principle of traditional Chinese medicine, such as “kidney bone, marrow, brain, kidney and spleen, strong bone marrow”. The treatment uses American ginseng, Chinese yam, Chinese wolfberry, Chinese angelica, Chinese wolfberry, Eucommia ulmoides, nine-layered tower, oyster, Cordyceps sinensis, keel, bezoar, and longan meat. It is composed of more than 20 flavors of precious Chinese medicine, which has the functions of invigorating the kidney and strengthening the spleen, strengthening the bone marrow and regulating the metabolism of the body. Improve the role of endocrine function, so that the human bones achieve rapid growth under the conditions of obtaining essential nutrients. At the same time, TCM comprehensive conditioning treatment also has the auxiliary effect of promoting intellectual development, improving vision, preventing skeletal skeletal back, activating blood and muscle, eliminating fatigue and strengthening physical fitness.

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