Physiological effects of growth hormone

1, growth hormone metabolism conditioning effect

(1)GH can promoteprotein synthesis, promote the transfer of amino acids into cells, intracellular RNA synthesis increases, the appearance of positive nitrogen balance, improve the positive balance of nitrogen, potassium, phosphorus and so on.

(2)GH hasa degrading effect on fat,  directly on fat cell fat melt, it has an important regulatory effect on fat cell fat melt rate. It induces beta epinephrine receptors on the membrane of fat cells, leading to a fat-melting effect.

(3)Gh has a complex effect onsugar metabolism, and its effecton on sugar metabolism has a difference in short-term and long-term effects.

★ short-term injection GH can be seen with insulin-like effects, producing moderate, acute, temporary hypoglycemia, accompanied by inhibition of insulin release;

★ increase in long-term GH can lead to an increase in blood glucose concentration (i.e., increased glucose production, transfer to intracellular reduction), reduce peripheral tissue use of glucose, reduce cell sensitivity to insulin.

(4)GH plays an important role in the metabolism of waterand minerals. GH can make potassium and phosphate in the cell, but also promote the reabsorption of sodium in the kidney tube, activate the renin-angiotensin-aldosterone system, causing water, sodium retention.

2, growth hormone to promote growth

★ GH stimulates cartilage cells to produce IGF-1 in the local area, promoting cartilage cell proliferation,

This promotes bone growth and increases bone length.

★ the fusion of the bone, GH can directly stimulate bone metabolism of bone-forming cells, and maintain

Bone mineral content and bone density still play an important role.

3, growth hormone immune enhancement effect

★ can increase peripheral lymphocytes and lymphocytes

Ability to react to external stimuli

★ increases the synthesis of immunoglobulins

★ increased in cd4 plus/CD8 plus ratio.

4. Other effects of growth hormone

★ Anti-Aging

★ Promotes Brain Function Effects

★ Enhance discardia

★ improves muscle strength

★ promotes sperm formation, ovulation, etc.

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